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4 Warning Signs That Tip You Need to Replace the School Lockers

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The safety of HPL school lockers is very important. Students often need to use the school lockers to save their learning materials. If the locker is severely damaged, worn, or has other problems, students will be in danger when using the locker. So if your school lockers start to show signs of wear and tear, maybe it's time to consider updating them. There are some warning signs here, suggesting that the lockers for schools need to be replaced.

School Lockers

Need to replace the signs of school lockers

1. Wear becomes irreversible

When there are too many things on the stainless steel locker, the call for treatment or replacement will come quietly. Rusty lockers will not only ruin the aesthetics but will also be harmful to students if they are injured. The dent is another outstanding reason that may prompt management to replace the old locker with a more dynamic locker. The deeper the dent, the greater the inconvenience caused to students, so replacement is required. In short, when a school locker has a lot of wear and tear, after a lot of maintenance and renovation, the need for replacement will increase.

2. There is too much graffiti to deal with

Graffiti is a common problem in all schools, especially middle and high schools. The lockers in the school building are easy to be handled roughly and graffiti. If they are not controlled, excessive graffiti will be caused in a period of time. Excessive graffiti not only affects the appearance of school lockers but also affects their safety, leading to the replacement of lockers. In order to remove the graffiti, you need to repaint the lockers. This will not only increase your maintenance costs but also cause school volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. When disgusting graffiti appears on your locker, your hands are almost bound.

3. The Cost of Maintaining Lockers is Getting Higher and Higher

Usually, the last straw to know when to update a locker is when your maintenance costs reach the highest level in history. Rather than endure these costs and the time spent maintaining lockers, you should look for a more cost-effective solution. This will not only allow you to update your lockers, but you can also use this time to use better materials that can withstand the wear and tear of your existing lockers.

4. The need to add vitality to the school building

Sometimes, the old traditional appearance of the abandoned school building will prompt you to replace the school lockers. There are many options on the market that help bring vitality to the surrounding environment.

Things to Consider When Purchasing School Lockers

Compact Laminate Locker

1. Choose Stronger Materials

There are four materials on the market for school lockers, including HPL compact laminate, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, and particleboard. These boards used for lockers in the dressing room can play their own characteristics and advantages and exert excellent performance. If possible, we always prefer compact laminate over other materials. HPL compact laminate, also known as HPL solid phenolic board, is made of colored decorative paper containing melamine resin. In addition, stack multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper containing phenolic or urea-formaldehyde resin. Then, the steel plate is pressed at 150 degrees Celsius at 1430 psi.

2. Low-maintenance

Another major factor to consider is low-cost maintenance. Steel lockers often require new paint coatings during their service life. When the kraft paper core of phenolic plastic absorbs moisture and grows mold, it usually needs to be replaced. Laminated storage cabinets may lose their protective coating, exposing their wooden interior to harsh environments. On the other hand, HDPE plastic can withstand moisture without repainting, and its hinges have remained intact for many years.

Over-maintenance of the locker room is never an interesting thing. Whether you are tightening screws, adjusting hardware, or scribbling regularly, you will notice that costs and man-hours are increasing. Choosing a reliable material that can help you reduce maintenance costs not only saves you money, but these materials can basically pay for themselves in a few years.

3. Focus on the Locker Styles and Elements

Personalized and popular designs are becoming more and more important. Create a warm, positive environment in the changing room. You can add some special designs and colors to the lockers in the changing room. We can provide customized digital printing and engraving patterns as needed to make your lockers look like works of art.


Replacing school lockers is indeed a time-consuming task, but the result is worth the effort. If the school lockers do more harm than good, then this is a clear instruction to replace the lockers. Write down your needs and requirements and choose the best school locker for your students accordingly.

At Jiashida, we have been designing lockers for more than 17 years. Whether it is a leisure center or a school, these tested products are very stylish, flexible, and durable, and can easily adapt to any bathroom environment. We can also provide long benches and cubicles to complete your changing room design.

Jiashida is a locker manufacturer, focusing on HPL lockers for 15 years, providing free room design, free 3D pictures, and locker installation support. The high-quality locker material - HPL panel ensures the safety and stress tolerance of the locker, waterproof, fireproof, and impact resistance, and has passed Intertek, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, SGS, CE. In addition, there is a drying rack in the wardrobe for hanging clothes. In addition, a layered structure is also designed to set up the shoes. We can provide customized sports lockers for students.


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