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Brikley Compact Laminate Toilet Partitions For Shopping Mall

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With the increase of people's requirements for space privacy, the application of HPL toilet partitions in public places has become more widespread. It can divide the public space pattern and create a private space that belongs to the individual user. But the problem is that a mall is a social place providing services, so the toilet partition of the mall will be frequently used, which will inevitably lead to the loss of plates. In order to reduce the occurrence of these phenomena, we need to know the conditions under which these losses occur.

The use of compact laminate toilet partitions in most malls is divided into two phenomena. One is the discoloration of decorative panels in toilet partitions. In order to reduce costs, some engineering companies may choose ordinary plates to decorate the bathroom. Then, after a period of time, due to various external uncontrollable factors, it is likely to cause discoloration and discoloration of the decorative surface. At the same time, the visual effects of color will change dramatically, which will affect the beauty of the entire partition system and make people unhappy. The other is that long-term frequent use will cause its aging, but it can be maintained and maintained according to the professional recommendations of the toilet anti-partition manufacturers, so as to slow down the aging phenomenon of toilet partition materials and make their service life longer.

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In order to better protect the toilet partitions in the Shopping Mall, the following points should be noted:

1. Avoid heavy objects directly or indirectly hitting the partition, and avoid sharp objects from scratching the partition board.

2. Never place flammable materials near the HPL Toilet Partition, and do not contaminate the Combat partition with flammable or corrosive liquids.

3. Use the handwashing partition board properly, do not shake, drag, and push vigorously. If you encounter technical difficulties, you can consult the professional installers of the partition engineering company.

4. If the partition board is found to be unstable, moved, or misplaced, please contact the Compact Laminate Manufacturer and repair it in time.

In fact, the main focus of the Shopping Mall's Toilet Partitions is maintenance and upkeep. Of course, this requires the common care of users. In addition, the project engineer should use anti-fold special plates produced by well-known foreign or domestic partition manufacturers. Only by doing so can the quality of the partition board be guaranteed. It can't be because of the desire to be cheap, and the plates that are separated by hand washing are prone to damage. This way, the later maintenance costs are greater, but the cost of the project cannot be reduced. The above is the professional compact laminate manufacturer Jiashida's views on the toilet partition in the mall. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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