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Brikley Compact Locker With HPL Bench

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The Compact Locker System is the ultimate in the design and construction of lockers. It does not rust, rot or decompose, such as steel, wood and plastic lockers. Our 100% solid phenolicic board construction combined with state-of-the-art hardware design gives you a wide range of custom styles and sizes to meet your individual storage needs. Whether it is a locker room, library, school, swimming pool or gym. Brikley HPL lockers are waterproof, vandal resistant, elegant and versatile.

Compact Locker

HPL Locker Specifications

HPL Lockers are made from 100% Solid Phenolic Board and combine the best design and state-of-the-art technology to meet your individual storage needs and custom designs in a variety of styles and sizes.

The phenolic compact lockers supplied by Brikley should include the following:

The door should be 13mm thick high pressure laminate (HPL).

The side, top, bottom and internal shelves should be 13mm thick Compact Laminate (HPL).

The back is 6mm hpl board.

The compact locker should be interpreted using four aluminum interlocking support frames to make it strong and sturdy.

The hidden hinge should be stainless steel grade 304, strip number plate.

The standard size of the locker unit should be 300 mm (width) x 400 mm (depth) x 1800 mm (height).

Compact Laminate Benches

The HPL Workbench Solution includes a range of rugged frame options that can be cleverly configured in different ways to maximize available space. HPL Benches in a variety of dressing rooms and public areas to complement a variety of fixtures and fittings, and are manufactured in HPL waterproof panels or slats. Each room has smooth edges and a variety of sporting colours.

HPL Benches

Wall-mounted benches, Phenolic Resin Compact Benches with shoe racks, hangers for clothing and bags, single and double pieces. Standard size benchtops are available to manufacture benchtops of any size, depending on customer requirements. Dressing room benches are made from 13mm thick compact laminates.

Each standard frame is constructed from a sturdy low carbon steel finish and is coated with a light grey powder coating for use in wet or dry locker rooms. The 40mm x 40mm powder-coated tubular steel base structure is finished with black feet and legs and is height-adjustable.

If you are looking for Compact Laminate Locker Manufacturers or Suppliers, Brikley is your ideal choice.


Brikley is a professional manufacturer of compact laminate, phenolic resin board and HPL. We provide toilet partitions, HPL locker, wall panel, table top and phenolic resin countertop.
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