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Brikley HPL Toilet Partitions With Urinal

Compact Laminate Panel Often Called Solid Phenolic Is Extremely Durable And Water Resistant Making It Perfect For Toilet Partition, Toilet Cubicle, Urinal Partition, Changing Room Partition.
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Size Range

      Height: 1950mm to 2500mm 

      Depth: 1200mm-1800mm

      Door width: 600mm-900mm

      One cubicle width: 1000mm-2000mm

HPL Toilet Partition

  Ø Industry - Best Material

           Compact Laminate Panel

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  Ø Thickness

   All panel are 12mm thick

        other thickness can be choose: 12mm to 20mm)

Ø   Ø Technical Feature


               1. waterproof and fireproof 

               2. anti-corrosive, not mildew, no peculiar smell

               3. a wide range of colors and flexible design for your choice

               4. could be customized according to your request. 

               5. easy to install, clean and maintain

               6. over 15 year warranty, extremely durable

               7. Strong resistant to abrasions, stains, heat, fire, cigarette burns, shock and odor.

Compact Toilet Partition

  Ø Customized Color

                   Normal color: Light gray, antique white

                   Colorful color: Red, green, yellow, black, blue

                   Wood finished grain: Cherry, Ebony etc.

Ø   Ø  Accessories              

        1. stainless hardware(others: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy,nylon series,plastic series)

Toilet Partition Sales

        2. aluminum profile.

Toilet Partitions

  Ø One Set Of Toilet Partition Accesories

         1pc of coat hook,

         1pc of door knob, 

         1pc of  door lock,

         2 pcs of support feet/shoe box, 

         2 pcs of hinges,

         10 pcs of corner fasterners.


  Ø Diversified Shape

          we could make according to your drawing.

Toilet Partition System

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Brikley is a professional manufacturer of compact laminate, phenolic resin board and HPL. We provide toilet partitions, HPL locker, wall panel, table top and phenolic resin countertop.
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