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CNC Machine Processing Compact Laminate Board, Quality CNC Special Customize

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  Compact Laminate is extremely versatile. It can replace traditional wood, stainless steel, marble, density boards, etc., as a supporting worktable. Whether it is in machinery and equipment, medical equipment, or high-tech precision instruments, the use of compact laminate has become more and more common. Because of its solid, high-density material, ordinary processing machines can not complete the perfect cutting, trimming and drilling processes. Therefore, CNC precision machining can realize its maximum product value.

  The company has several sets of precision CNC numerical control equipment, which can carry out straight line processing such as cutting, milling and opening of various kinds of plates such as physicochemical board and anti-double special plate. It is especially suitable for various individual shapes of curve processing and surface engraving words and patterns. Such special processing, all processes are completed by CNC Machine. Digital control is superior to other mechanical or manual operations with superior accuracy. It is completely consistent with the same specifications for the production of batch products. It can improve the current processing technology to a higher level, and at the same time improve product quality, and more in line with the market. The increasingly high product requirements help the compact laminate board achieve a variety of designs.

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