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Cold-pressed HPL

Wholesale Cold-pressed HPL Panels at a lower price. Brikley provides HPL with Cold-pressed Veneer. We also provide the Cold Press HPL service.
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What is Cold-pressed HPL?

The cold press works on high pressure, unlike hot press that works on a combination of heat and temperature. This method needs to use a cold press machine and glue. There are many sizes and colors to choose from.

Cold Press HPL Board

Cold-pressed Veneer Machine

Why Choose Brikley?

We are a professional sheet manufacturer. The grade of our plates meets national standards. Our products are not only of high quality, but also of reasonable price. It has been favored by furniture manufacturers for many years.

What else?

We not only provide finished HPL panels, we also provide Cold Press HPL Service. If you are a furniture manufacturer and are looking for a stable sheet supplier and service provider, Brikley is definitely your ideal choice. Contact us now for a surprise wholesale price.

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Brikley is a professional manufacturer of compact laminate, phenolic resin board and HPL. We provide toilet partitions, HPL locker, wall panel, table top and phenolic resin countertop.
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