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Compact Laminate Cabinets Are Superior To Steel Lockers

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  The so-called steel locker is made of steel plate. This kind of material is easy to rust. In order not to rust, when many phenolic lockers manufacturers do it, the excuse is beautiful, allowing customers to spray paint on the surface, so that the steel plate and the air are isolated to prevent the plate from rusting. However, such lockers are not suitable for use in public places. Because of dampness and frequent use, it is easy to take off the paint and rust.

  The compact laminate cabinet is a new type of product, this product is mainly made of HPL Board Material. The special board is made up of several layers of fine kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and melamine treated decorative paper. After lamination, it is pressed with an etched steel plate at a high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius and a high pressure of 1430 psi. The interior is black. The thickness can be adjusted according to the needs of the number of Kraft paper, can be made from 1.6mm to 30mm. The color is determined by the decorative color paper, no paint is sprayed, and no formaldehyde is contained therein. There is also no decolorization because it has undergone some special treatment on the surface.

       Compact Laminate Cabinets have the following features:

      1. Waterproof, moistureproof, mildewproof;

      2. Impact resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistant flower;

      3. Fireproof, smoke resistance;

      4. Green, non-toxic, harmless, odor-free, anti-static, no radiation;

      5. Strong stability, smooth and not easily deformed;

      6. Rich surface treatment, diverse colors;

compact laminate cabinets


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