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Crucial Things to Consider Before Purchasing HPL Countertops

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What is Phenolic HPL Countertop

Phenolic CountertopsWhether you are are setting up an office or looking to spice up your home interior design, having a good countertop is an absolute must, You need to have a sturdy countertop that can support the weight of your objects and one that is resistant to stains and scratches. Now, when it comes to choosing a good countertop, you can never go wrong with HPL (high pressure laminate) countertops. The material is made from concentrated resin papers fused together during the manufacturing process. Besides being very durable, the combination of its various materials also makes it waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Normally, manufacturers of HPL countertops can cater the dimensions of the product according to the specifications required by customers.

Features of HPL Countertops

Next, we would be looking at some of the features of HPL countertops. Unlike low pressure laminates which are made from a single wear layer over a piece of decorative sheet with a short of livespan of one to five years, HPL is made from multiple layers of resin infused papers and can have a lifespan of five to fifteen years. It can be used in any vertical or horizontal surfaces and has chemical properties which allow it to adjust in size according to the surrounding humidity. As this material is a more popular choice among users, it is available in multiple textures. The most commonly used texture in hpl worktops is the matte texture which has a polished finish with some reflective quality. Some users may also opt for crystal texture which is good for minimising surface contact and fingerprints or the beaded texture which feels like coarse grained sand.

Styles of Compact Laminate Worktop

Compact Laminate CountertopDepending on the purpose of the countertop, there are several styles to choose from. They can be broadly categorized into two categories, general purpose or vertical surface use. General purpose laminate is used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and this is the place where most people come into contact with its surface. Thus, it has to be functional, looks pleasing to the eye and durable. The more commonly used material for such laminates include marble, stainless steel and granite. Good examples of compact laminate worktop for general purpose use are kitchen tables, office desks and study tables. Vertical surface use are laminates that provide decorative and functional surface for walls and other areas where traffic and contact are minimal. The material more commonly used for these type of laminates are stone, slate and wood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HPL Countertops

Now, let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of HPL countertops. FIrstly, HPL is made from a very safe material and is considered to be non toxic. It is non porous and acts as a great barrier against harmful substances which is good in areas like the kitchen where contact with food is inevitable. Secondly, most HPL worktops are resistant to fingerprints. There is nothing more annoying than seeing fingerprint marks all over the countertop and consumers can heave a sigh of relief knowing that having HPL countertops solve the problem. Thirdly, they are highly customizable. They come in many colors, textures and design that can be altered to various dimensions to suit customer needs. Lastly, it is very affordable and most manucaturers can produce compact laminate worktops in bulk. Nevertheless, there is one minor disadvantage that consumer needs to be aware of. As durable as laminate countertops may be, there is still a risk of water damage leaking into the joints if the protective seal is broken.

Applications of Phenolic Resin Countertop

HPL countertops are not only for mass market usage. Phenolic resin countertop for example is a higher grade material made from saturated melamine resins infused with layers of phenolic laced kraft papers. It is resistant to heat, moisture and corrosive effect and is mostly for industrial use such as processing labs, water treatment plants and various scientific laboratories.

How to choose the Right Thickness of HPL Worktops

Users must strike the right balance between price and durability when it comes to choosing the right thickness for HPL countertops. Worktops with a thickness of around 1.25 inches are considered standard for most horizontal surface worktops for general purpose use. However, when it comes to vertical surfaces, consumers can opt for the thinner and lighter variety with thickness around 0,5 to 1 inch.


In short, when it comes to using countertops whether it is for personal or industrial usage, one can never go wrong with the HPL option. It is durable, has a long life cycle and of course, light on the wallet.


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