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HPL Phenolic Exterior Wall Cladding

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HPL panels for building's interior and exterior are almost devoid of drawbacks.

Material Overview:

HPL panels (high pressure laminate, compact laminate) are decorative panels manufactured by simultaneous pressing of layers of cellulose fiber material impregnated with phenolic resins and specially pre-treated kraft paper subjected to both pressure and heat. Polycondensation of resins takes place and results in monolythic homogeneous material with no risk of delamination in the process of use. The decorative surface of compact laminate is additionally protected by a special coating layer ensuring panels' exquisite resistance to fading.

HPL (High Pressure Laminates) are highly durable Exterior Wall Cladding products that are available in a diverse range of decors to create a contemporary, cost effective rainscreen facade. HPL Panel manufacturers have a large range of colors and patterns to select from, and can offer either printed images or actual wood grains.

Design Considerations:

HPL is produced in sheets and fabricated to finished panel sizes. The designer has the ability to create varying degrees of patterns and panel shapes on the building - often using numerous colors to create intrigue and a creative design aesthetic. Off–fall of material is a design and fabrication consideration, so as to maximize the panel’s yield. Both concealed and exposed color-matched rivet systems are available.


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