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How To Choose Compact Laminate Products For Your Clean Room

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  The compact laminate board is a material specially used for the decoration of the clean room. The material is non-stick dust, dust, acid and alkali, easy to clean, anti-static and many other superior performance. Clean plates have become the most important choice for clean room decoration, and they are currently an indispensable and important facility in the semiconductor industry and biochemistry, medicine, and food industries. With the development of our country's economy, clean plates will be increasingly used in industrial electronic factories, pharmaceutical factories, medical operating rooms, ICUs for severe intensive care units, burn wards, and food processing plants.

Cleanrooms There are several requirements for clean plates in interior decoration: 

  • The surfaces of clean indoor walls and ceilings should meet the requirements of smoothness, smoothness, no ash, glare avoidance, and easy dust removal; concave and convex surfaces should be reduced, and yin and yang corners should be rounded. The interior decoration should adopt dry operation. For plastering, high plastering standards should be adopted.

  • The building envelope and interior decoration of the clean room shall be made of materials with good airtightness and small deformation under the effect of changes in temperature and humidity. When interior wall decoration requires additional structural skeletons and insulation layers, non-burning or hard-burning bodies should be used.

  • The clean room doors and windows, walls, roof, floor structure and construction gaps, should take reliable sealing measures.

  • The clean room floor, should be flat, wear-resistant, easy to dust cleaning, not easy to accumulate static electricity, to avoid glare, and a sense of comfort and other requirements.

  • The color of the clean room should be soft and elegant.

Different cleanrooms need to consider different individual needs when selecting clean plates:

    • 1. Cleanrooms often need to be wiped frequently. In addition to wiping with water, they can also be wiped with disinfectant, alcohol, other solvents, etc. These liquids usually have certain chemical properties, which can cause discoloration and shedding of some materials. This requires decoration. The material surface has a certain chemical resistance.

    • 2. Biological clean rooms such as operating rooms are usually equipped with a trioxygen O3 generator for the purpose of sterilization. O3 (ie, ozone) is a strong oxidizing gas that accelerates the oxidative corrosion of objects, especially metals, in the environment, and also causes the general coating surface to fade due to oxidation and discolor. Therefore, this type of clean room requires its decorative materials to have good oxidation resistance and no rust.

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