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How to choose HPL restroom partitions

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There are many different types of restroom partitions to choose from. When you buy a Brikley HPL restroom partition, you will be making the right decision in your restroom needs.

What are Restroom Partitions?

Restroom partitions are put in bathrooms with a lot of traffic to give you privacy and a sense of comfort while you use the toilet. Restroom partitions fully or partially enclose urinals and toilets. The more popular type of partition are known as bathroom stalls, which are made of panels to make the sides of the stall and a door, which is closed by the user of the toilet for complete privacy. Urinal partitions are usually just panels that block off the sides of the urinal for an appearance of privacy.

The Material of Restroom Partition

HPL Toilet Partition Manufacturer

The material type of restroom partition also varies based on your preference for the layout of the bathroom. Metal is one type of material that you can choose to use. Metal partitions are the most common type and they are usually made of powder coated steel. The color of the metal material is almost always grey and not very customizable. Stainless steel is another popular option, but runs very expensive. They are durable and scratch resistant, which keeps your investment protected against public graffiti. One last popular restroom partition is an HPL material type. HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate, and is about 10% more expensive than metal restroom partitions. While they are not the most affordable option, then are certainly worth the investment.

Features of HPL Partition

High Pressure Laminate, or HPL, restroom partitions offer unique features that set them apart from other partitions. HPL partitions are made by gluing a layer of laminate to a particle board substrate. After that, a thin sheet of laminate is added to the sheet of metal. The finished product is so versatile, it can be customized in a wide range of colors and designs, which is not a feature found in most restroom partitions. One quick note: do not install these types of partitions in a restroom where there is a pool or in a humid environment, as water can ruin the stalls.

Functions of HPL Partition

HPL function similar to other restroom partitions on the market. They provide people with a sense of privacy and comfort while using the toilet. HPL partitions can go down to the floor or partially, and can be configured in many different ways. It all depends on your bathroom layout.


Prices may vary on the HPL partitions. They can range from $230 for 36" by 60" deep to $1,100 with the same measurements. It just depends on who you purchase your product from. If you want to buy in bulk, we will give you more discounts. You know, Brikley is a restroom partition manufacturer has the pricing advantage.


If you are in the market for a reliable and affordable HPL toilet partition provider, choose Brikley for your purchasing needs. They offer HPL restroom partitions that are expertly made and range in a variety of colors for you to choose from. HPL restroom partitions are a wise choice to install in your bathroom because they are affordable, durable, and customizable.


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