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How to choose the right Waterproof Lockers For Kindergarten?

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In daily life, many managers of kindergartens say that the waterproof lockers of the school are not good enough. Why is there such a situation? We in the industry agree that the most important reason for this is the problem with our choice of lockers. Maybe you chose iron or MDF. In this case, what kind of materials can ensure that the Kindergarten Waterproof Lockers have a good effect?

Brikley believes that if the material used in our Waterproof Lockers For Kindergarten is compact laminate board, then it will greatly improve the performance of our lockers. Why is this? Because the advantages of HPL panel are its strength, moisture resistance and fire resistance, it has superior performance that ordinary materials can't match.

Let's discuss the strength of the cabinet material, because this performance is an indispensable factor in the material of the kindergarten waterproof locker. Imagine that our kindergarten is a public place with frequent activities. Because of such objective conditions, if our waterproof cabinet lacks excellent performance in strength, it is very likely that our cabinet will be damaged by the impact of external forces.

Waterproof Lockers For Kindergarten

However, in addition to the strength of the board, in the kindergarten environment, its fire resistance needs to be considered. This is definitely a place to ignore because fires are one of the most common hazards in our lives. Especially in a special environment such as kindergarten, because children do not know enough about the dangers of the environment, once our HPL lockers are dangerous because of poor fire resistance, the consequences are unthinkable.

So, if you want the Kindergarten Lockers to have a good performance, we must choose high-quality boards. Price is a secondary factor and safety comes first. So what kind of cabinet do you choose? It has to be said that Phenolic Resin Compact Laminate board is the ideal board, which can provide us with such quality.


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