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Interior Wall Cladding System

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It's a new type of interior wall cladding system that has been popular recently, Brikley which is a professional manufacturer. Compared with traditional material such as stone inner wall, inner wall of latex paint, inner wall of wood and inner wall of aluminum plate, Compact Laminate Wall Panel has the advantages of resistance to dirty, antistatic, anti-collision, friction resistance, color selectivity and rapid installation.

It is a new type of wall paneling system composed of anti double plate and professional aliminium solutions. It has reliable physical properties and superior chemical properties with specialized aluminium structure. It also has the unique advantages of the anti - double Wall Hanging System.

Curved compact panel corner system, with its unique corner approach makes the wall is more beautiful, safe. Especially in the areas of collision, abrasion and chemical corrosion, such as offices, laboratories, schools, hospitals, and a number of public transport tools such as cars, ships, railways and so on are widely used.

Interior Wall Cladding

The actual construction process has the following points:

  • base treatment

  • wall line

  • keel making

  • keel fixing

  • double-sided adhesive bonding

  • injecting structure glue

  • stickup anti

  • double board

  • Sheet seams

  • Cleaning

  • Acceptance

1. Grass-roots processing

Clean up the wall floating sand, floating dust and foreign matter, repair, ensure the wall surface is basically smooth.

2. Wall line

According to the wall layout diagram and site conditions, the compact panel dividing line play on the wall.

3. Making the aluminium solutions

The distance between the solutions is easy to be 350~600mm. The 25*50*3.0 aluminium square tube main keel is used at the joint of the anti double panel, and the inner side of the plate is 25X25X2.0 aluminum alloy tube, and the joint of "L" shaped aluminum alloy is fixed in the intersection of the crossbar and the crossbar. In order to facilitate construction, the vertical and horizontal joist is assembled on the ground in advance, and generally no assembly unit is larger than 6m.

4. Fixed access

Install the assembled keel unit on the wall, adjust the evenness to meet the requirements, use expansion bolt, "L" - shaped aluminum alloy connector to fix (the wall is light body wall with pull rivet), the fixed point distance should not be more than 500mm.

5. double-sided adhesive paste

Since the curing time of the structural adhesive is 24 hours, strong double sided adhesive is used for temporary fixation. The double-sided glue is stripped on one side, and 25mm is taken as a section, and then pasted on the vertical and horizontal keel according to the 150-200mm spacing.

6. injection structure adhesive

On the surface of aluminum alloy keel, the rest part is injected with structural adhesive, which is slightly higher than that of double-sided adhesive. It is generally less than 5mm. The structural adhesive should be evenly coated and the thickness is consistent.

7. compact laminate panel paste

Removing the double-sided adhesive on the other side of the film, compact panel in accordance with the layout drawing cutting, light pressure on the keel. The width of the gap between the plates is determined according to the decoration design. A small amount of flatness error can be adjusted by the thickness of the structural adhesive.

8. rubber slab

Along the seams on both sides with antifouling wove paper, a neutral sealant with the glue gun in the seams, glue should be filled dense, smooth.

9. Clean up

Clear the slab joints of wove paper, surface cleaning.

10. acceptance

Acceptance according to national standard and related design requirements.


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