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Key Advantages Of Using Phenolic Compact Laminate Lockers In Schools

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The school is a place where people are relatively intensive. Therefore, when purchasing lockers in schools, using compact laminate materials is a better solution. Then what advantage does the school use Compact Laminate Lockers?

Compared with other materials, the phenolic cabinets used by schools have the following advantages:

First, it can improve the fireproof performance of phenolic lockers

As we all know, the school is a densely populated place. Therefore, security is particularly important in these places. However, fires have a greater impact in our lives. Therefore, improving the fireproof performance of School Lockers also increases the overall safety of the school environment.

Second, it can improve the impact resistance

Due to the relatively intensive school personnel, the use of HPL Lockers is far more frequent than other places. To make our lockers not cause serious damage under high-use conditions, we must improve our storage. The strength of the cabinet.

School Phenolic Lockers


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