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Phenolic HPL Toilet Partitions Installation Method

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As long as we want to go to the toilet in public places, we will go to the Toilet Partitions. After all, this is a place dedicated to toilets. So I thought about how to install Phenolic HPL Toilet Partitions? In order to let everyone learn, Brikley introduces the way to the public toilet partition installation!

First, the Toilet Partition installation preparation:

1. Phenolic Toilet Partition floor material:

The ground should be waterproof, stain-resistant, non-slip slab, etc. The height is 10-20 mm lower than other grounds, and the floor drain is less than 10 mm for drainage.

2. HPL toilet partition wall material:

The wall area is very large, to choose strong waterproof, but also anti-corrosion and mildew resistant materials. Of course, in order to reduce the cost and pressure of purchasing, Brikley recommends that you only need to scrape the putty powder, and the wall and the floor are 1 meter away.

3. Compact Laminate toilet partition top material:

The top surface is affected by water vapor, the most susceptible to mildew, water and heat resistant materials are better. Acrylic is recommended here, and of course there are other aluminum gussets, aluminum composite panels and calcium silicate boards.

toilet partition installation

Second, the phenolic resin toilet partition installation begins:

1: Install the fixing plate

Find the appropriate position on the wall and draw the center line of the fixing piece. Look at the fixing plate with several fixing screw holes. Then put a few holes on the center line of the wall and put the plastic racing sleeve into the hole. The next step is to fix the fixing plate to the wall with an expansion wire.

2: Installation adjustment feet

According to the pre-designed construction drawing, find the base position on the floor of the bathroom floor and draw the center line, then fix the base (the base position is about 20 cm away from the edge of the partition plate).

3: Installation partition

The first two steps are to lay the mat for the installation of the partition board. The function of the fixed board and the base is to fix the partition board, put the partition board on the adjustment base, and then adjust the height of the base so that the partition board fits snugly. Fix the board on the wall, then fine-tune the height of the base so that the partition board is at a certain distance from the ground, about 15 cm, then use the level to determine the level. After everything is adjusted, fix the partition plate with screws. Plate and adjustment base.

4: Installation lever

According to the actual length of the compartment, the cutting is fixed. When the straight rod is flat, the circular phase joint sleeve and the spring piece should be installed in the tube to ensure that the joint is flat and firm, and the joint should be in the upper fixed piece to increase Beautiful. For the 90 degree corner tie rod of the compartment, the 90 degree angle joint of the aluminum alloy injection molding is used to connect the rods at both ends of the corner. Fix the sleeve with a convex round wall and fix the terminal lever to the wall with screws. Use the screws to connect the tie rods to the upper edge of the column.

5: Install the column

Fix the tie rod fixing piece with screws, fix it on the middle top of the column, fix the piece with L-shape, and fix the column and the partition plate together with the wall-side column-- draw a straight line perpendicular to the ground on the wall surface, and drill it online. 3 External drilling, pre-embedded plastic plug in the hole, after determining the vertical direction with the ground, use the screw to fix the piece with the L-shaped piece, and fix the wall-side column to the wall above the ground 145. Terminal column--fixing the upper edge tie rod fixing piece and the L-shaped side piece on the terminal column, and then fixing the plate to the partition plate with screws

6: Install the partition door

Fix the hinge seat or page nose on the column, measure two or three, then install the corresponding number of hinge pieces at the corresponding position on the door leaf, lift the door leaf, place the automatic homing nylon seat in the hinge seat, adjust the position, and When the switch door is checked, the switch can be switched freely, and the adjustment is checked until it is satisfied.

Phenolic HPL Toilet Partitions

Third, the compact hpl toilet partition after installation:

1, HPL toilet partition is easy to damage

There are two reasons why public toilet partitions are easily damaged. First, because the public toilet partition material is not moisture-proof or impatient, the partition is damaged. Second, damage caused by improper use of people.

Brikley recommends that the quality of the public toilet partition material be better, while maintaining a civilized habit during use.

2, Phenolic Toilet Partition is easy to mold

The main reason why public toilet partitions are prone to mold is due to moisture and no ventilation. To solve this problem, first, choose materials with good moisture resistance. Second, maintain a good ventilation environment for the toilet so that it has a dryness as much as possible.

I hope that Brikley's introduction to the public toilet partition installation method and precautions can be used as a reference during installation.


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