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Phenolic Resin Lockers For Private School

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Phenolic Resin Lockers are the material of choice when design flexibility or durability and strength are required. These compact laminate lockers can pass the test of time. Intensive components combined with stainless steel fasteners can withstand the most extreme moisture conditions. Phenolic resins are impact resistant, water and corrosion resistant. The superior structure and materials used in the locker system make it suitable for all types of facilities, including private schools, health clubs, country clubs and washrooms. Phenolic lockers can be easily customized to meet customer-specified needs.

Many private schools are now using phenolic lockers. The reason they choose is that they are safe, environmentally friendly and durable. In addition, these lockers are also printed with beautiful patterns, making the cabinet look very high-end. Of course, you will feel good when you use it.

HPL Lockers For Private Schools

Phenolic Lockers For Private School changing rooms are the most common. The hpl locker is made of 12 mm thick phenolic panels, which are particularly resistant to moisture and fire. In addition, this phenolic sheet has a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface with exceptional performance and hardness, excellent scratch resistance, wear, impact and chemical contact.

Private school phenolic lockers have a wide range of colors and are in great demand. Green, yellow, blue, red, gray and white, these colors are everywhere and most commonly used. However, as a manufacturer, we also provide some unusual colors depending on the size of the project.

With regard to the accessories and fixtures of the lockers, the phenolic lockers use hinges to adjust the feet and make some decorations on the top of the locker to make your lockers look perfect.


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