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The Changing Room Locker Project of The Large Factory

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Recently, Jiashida undertook a large factory workers' changing room locker project. The lockers feature compact laminate boards and high-quality accessories. From cooperation and communication to confirmation, from design to production to factory installation, Jiashida provides perfect solutions and high-quality services throughout the process.

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As can be seen from the installation photos, our Brikley HPL lockers not only have a beautiful appearance but are also very practical. Anyone who knows compact laminate panel knows that it has many advantages, such as the following characteristics:

  • The HPL board has strong weather resistance, regardless of sunshine, rain, wind erosion, or moisture, it has no effect on its surface, and rapid temperature changes will not affect its appearance and characteristics.

  • The HPL panel has high elastic modulus, tensile strength, and bending strength, which makes it have high impact resistance.

  • The high-density core material gives the compact laminate board a high anchor pull-out strength, which is especially important for plates that are installed with bolts or plug-ins.

  • The compact laminate plate has excellent fire resistance and will not melt, drip or explode. European relevant agencies classify it as the highest fire protection level among organic materials, and will not release toxic and corrosive gases.

  • The compact HPL board can remain stable for a long time. The material is dense and will not adhere to dust. It is easy to clean, and it can be washed by rain.

The HPL plate has a wide range of uses, whether it is personal decoration or engineering projects, it is very popular. Using compact laminate lockers can not only make your project beautiful and luxurious but also save your maintenance costs. Why not do it?

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If you have never been in contact with HPL panels and want to know more about the application of compact laminate plates in engineering projects, please contact us, and we will provide you with more information and services. If your factory also needs to provide HPL lockers for workers, then you can consider using our changing room lockers, and we can also provide customized services.


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