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The Compact Laminate Toilet Partitions' Usage Range And Introduction

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The Compact Laminate Toilet Partitions' Usage Range And Introduction

1, the scope of use

According to its specific scope of use, it is divided into A, B, C, and three types,

A for indoor and residential use

 Hospital ward

 Environmental protection, easy to clean

B for entertainment

 Clubs, stadiums, theaters, or theaters

 Anti-fire, anti-moisture, stability, corrosion resistance

C crowded place

 Schools, restaurants, exhibition halls, shopping centers, stations

 Fireproof, moistureproof, stability, corrosion resistance

2, product composition

Use different hardware components to connect all kinds of spacers:

1) Hardware components

(1) Adjustable, fixed support feet

(2) Pull rod components

(3) Corners

(4) Door lock components

(5) Hinge

(6) coat hook

(7) Connector

2) Spacer

(1) Wall end grid

(2) The partition

(3) Side board tail grid

(4) Medium plate

(5) Doors [1]

toilet partitions

3, material characteristics

12 or 18mm thick phenolic resin high pressure board, moisture-proof, crashworthy, anti-fouling, easy to clean

Clapboard effect: Large size plate, seamless, overall consistent

Edge approach: One-piece molding without edges, chamfering, beautiful appearance

The appearance of the effect: no edge seam processing, with the novelty of the hardware accessories, the overall appearance of the same

Construction Environment: Clean (dry construction)

Construction period: short

Useful life: long

Cost-effectiveness: high cost, long service life, easy cleaning and maintenance

Applicable environment: wet or dry, high temperature (≤ 50 °C)

4, partition specifications

The design of the Toilet Partitions should fully consider the ergonomic requirements, according to the use of the group, determine the bathroom spacing size. Meets East and West ergonomic bathroom standard specifications.

Standard specifications (mm)


(Oriental ergonomics)

Standard commode: 900 (W) × 1520 (D) × 2000 (H) Economy urinal: 900 (W) × 1220 (D) × 2000 (H)


(Western ergonomics)

Standard commode toilet: 1000 (W) × 1500 (D) × 2000 (H) Economical toilet: 1000 (W) × 1220 (D) × 2000 (H)

Shower Cubicles

5, other matters:


First, the delivery deadline

    Normal color products are generally 7 working days, other color products are customized

    If the goods are ordered, we set the time as the degree of difficulty of ordering products. Please consult the seller for details.


Second, the logistics description

    Because the plate is a heavy object, generally do not consider express, so all through the logistics delivery. If there is a dedicated line to go to the dedicated line (you can also provide information on logistics companies near you, we can contact them directly so that you can better pick up the goods).

Logistics costs

Quoting for the installation of the project, the logistics costs shall be borne by the seller;

Ordinary processing quotation, logistics costs are borne by the buyer.

Third, arrival time

    According to the customer's own choice of fast and slow way, fast shipping today will arrive tomorrow, slow three days or so, depending on the arrival location.

Fourth, receipt reminder

  Please bring your own ID

  Remember to check the goods before signing the order. If there is any damage to the goods, you can immediately consult with the logistics delivery person and contact us. If you cannot solve the problem, please provide relevant evidence. We will solve the problem together.


Fifth, the installation problem

  The project quotation includes the installation of this service, so you can completely eliminate the need to worry about this issue. The installation time will be specified in the contract.

Sixth, late service

  From the date of installation of the product, there are quality problems within one year (except for human damage) we will be free home repair.


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