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The Dangers Of Wood Furniture, The Advantages Of Compact Laminate (HPL) Furniture

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  Today let's discuss the difference between wood furniture and HPL Furniture, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  Hidden Danger 1: the wood is not dried, the water content is high, and the compact laminate is dried and free of water after high temperature and high pressure.

  The drying process of wood is a complicated process, and the quality of the process is very good, which has a great influence on the quality of wood products. Therefore, if the wood drying treatment is not effectively guaranteed, it will easily cause deformation or cracking after the finished furniture; after the high temperature and high pressure, the Compact Laminate Furniture will be dry and free of moisture, and will never be deformed!

Compact Laminate Furniture

  Hidden danger 2: decaying or worm-eaten wood, the HPL Board made of green kraft paper.

  If the wooden furniture is made of decaying or worm-eaten wood, the wood of decay or insects is relatively soft. Consumers can use their fingers to dig, if the wood appears blocky, it basically proves that the wood has decayed and deteriorated. The Compact Laminate Board is made of high-grade high-pressure pressed by phenolic resin with high-grade high-pressure pressing. It is hard and hard, anti-insect, waterproof and moisture-proof, far superior to wood panels.


  Hidden danger 3: the frame structure is loose, the frame is not firmly fixed, there is a broken and broken material phenomenon, and the phenolic compact furniture is fixed by stainless steel 304 corner code, which is firm and not deformed.

  The wood frame of some furniture does not have a hoe, and it is only fixed with nails, which affects the overall quality and appearance of the furniture. Consumers can use hand to shake the joint parts of the furniture, especially the table legs and other joints to see if there is any looseness. Compact Laminate furniture is fixed with stainless steel 304 corner code, etc., firm and not deformed!

Wood Furniture

  Hidden Danger 4: The counter mirror of the large wardrobe has no back body plate, no pressure strips, only nails are set, and the high-quality HPL cabinet will never cut corners! This practice of cutting corners and cutting materials can easily cause the mirror of the counter to be broken.


  Hidden danger 5: the surface of the wood is unevenly painted and easy to fall off. The compact laminate surface treatment adopts high-grade imported color paper and does not change color, and does not fade!

These inferior furniture are prone to paint peeling and shelling after use. The surface of qualified furniture should be clear in texture, and the color of the complete set of furniture should be basically the same, and the phenomenon of partial white color or brushing should not occur. In addition, the surface of the furniture is sensed by the hand; the surface treatment of the Bite is made of high-grade imported color paper, which does not change color, does not fade, and is rich in surface treatment!


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