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The Difference Between Melamine Panel And HPL Board

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There are a lot of Melamine Panels used to impersonate HPL Boards in the market.

  Here's a comparison between the two:

  HPL board, its standard name is the fire-resistant board. The high pressure laminate board is just the customary statement of people, but it is not really afraid of fire, but it has a certain fire-resistance. The board door panel is made of fireproof board and the particle board is used as a base material (also used for the density board). It is made by pressing at the cabinet factory. Compared with Melamine Boards, fire resistance board processing is more troublesome. The melamine cyanide board can be directly cut, and the panel needs to be sprayed and then used by the plate press for more than one day before it can be used. Many decoration teams and cabinet factories do not have special machine press plates. They use some soil methods to press the plates. The quality can be hard to guarantee. This point also reminds the owners and friends that if you choose cabinets with fireproof door panels, whether there are professional pressboard equipment is also worth noting.

High Pressure Laminate Board

  Fireproof board veneer is generally composed of three layers of surface paper, colored paper and base paper (multi-layer kraft paper). The surface paper and the colored paper are impregnated with the melamine resin component, so that the fire-resistant board has physical properties such as wear resistance and scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper makes the refractory board have good impact resistance and flexibility.

  As can be seen from the comparison chart, the fireproof board veneer is three layers, relatively thick (Ruimeijia, Wei Shengya and other high-quality Phenolic Resin HPL Board, thickness of 0.8mm or more), and the melamine resin board veneer only one layer, compared thin. Therefore, in general, the performance of the fire-resistant board is better than that of melamine board, and the melamine panel is lower in price than the fire-resistant board. Although the two materials contain the same resin in the veneer, the thickness and structure of the veneers are different, resulting in significant differences in performance. The two cannot be generalized.

Melamine Boards

  In addition, the fireproof board is preferably double-sided. Since one side is made of polyammonia paper and one side is a fireproof board, the thickness of the two sides is different and the expansion coefficient is not the same, so it is easily deformed.

  Compact Laminate Board is a kind of advanced new composite material, and it has become a high-pressure decorative refractory board. Because the back is very similar to wood, some people think that it is made of natural wood, but it is not. The fireproof board is made of kraft pulp and added with a blending agent, flame retardant and other chemical raw materials through high pressure synthesis. Phenolic board is divided into four layers from the bottom surface to the surface, followed by: adhesive layer, base layer, decorative layer, protective layer. Among them, the adhesive layer and the protective layer have the greatest impact on the quality of the panel, and also determine the grade and price of the hpl board.


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