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The Maintenance Of Laboratory Furniture

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The experimental bench is a platform that needs to be used for physical and chemical experiments. Other laboratory homes have central Laboratory Benches, Phenolic Resin Countertops, Fume Hoods, and Medicine Lockers. During the maintenance of the bench, the bench is a very important part of the use process, so it is necessary to properly maintain the bench.

Laboratory platform

Five daily maintenance:

1. Do not rotate for a long time in an environment where the temperature exceeds 135 degrees Celsius;

2. Do not expose the test bench to open flames, molten metal, metal sparks or direct sunlight, nor can it be used as a cut surface;

3. The table is recommended to use warm water, acetone or mild detergent cleaning, cleaning agents can be used to wash hands or dishes, do not use abrasives, strong acid composition of the cleaning agent so as not to damage the surface. For stubborn stains, the hypochlorous acid can be dripped on the surface of the contaminated corrosion resistant Physiochemical Board and washed off with clean water;

4. Do not scratch the Compact Laminate Table Tops with sharp and sharp hard objects;

5. The flame of the coal gas lamp or alcohol lamp will damage the HPL table tops, so the alcohol lamp or gas lamp shall be placed on the tripod.

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