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The Most Common Types Of Phenolic Lockers

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Here, we list the most common types of phenolic lockers to you. It may be useful to you.

Single Compartment Lockers

This release provides maximum vertical and horizontal space for individual users. Ideal for designing spacious changing rooms or mid-level facilities, they feature special VIP lockers.

single compartment lockers

Two-Six Tier Compartment Lockers

It can accommodate more customers, has a limited footprint in its locker room and supports greater member throughput during peak hours. They can be used alone or in combination with a single compartment tower, providing customers with more options and creating interesting visual and functional impressions.

Phenolic Z Lockers

The Phenolic Z Locker is designed to provide a high advantage of a single compartment tower and has the compact nature of a two-compartment locker. Two tall units have enough storage space to be placed in an area of 12 inches (305 mm) or 15 inches (381 mm) wide. Unusual and visually compelling lines provide a unique design focus. Z-type lockers can also be used with integrated shelves/benches. Our Z-locker only offers premium and hybrid.

Phenolic Z Lockers

One and two compartment lockers and z-lockers can be equipped with a convenient integrated shelf/bench. The customer's belongings do not fall to the floor, and the structural integrity of the phenolic material will support the weight of many adults.

Executive Employee Lockers

It provides users with maximum vertical and horizontal space as well as internal security compartments. The safety compartment is equipped with Ojmar OCS Touch Lock, which provides additional security for employees' personal belongings, such as mobile phones and laptops. Optional LED lighting.

HPL Athletic Lockers

Athletic Lockers are designed to meet the specific needs of team sports, such as baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey. Our Athletic Lockers provide ample storage space, including upper and lower lockable compartments. The lower long seats feature high quality brikley® and commercial grade foam pads.

Athletic Lockers

Optional LED lighting. Athletic Lockers are made up of durable phenolic plates and feature our unique integrated hinges made of aircraft premium aluminum. They are 24, 30 and 36 inches wide. Lockers have a variety of colors and patterns, optional logos and design marks. All brikley® phenolic lockers are entitled to a 10 limited warranty.

Contour Lockers

Designed for surround pillars, pony walls and other obstacles, our silhouette lock row are an innovative and attractive storage solution for children's play areas, entertainment facilities, and amusement parks.


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