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The Selection Of Toilet Partitions

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Toilet Partitions are crystalline plastics, light in weight, but lack high temperature rigidity, are brittle at low temperatures, have poor resistance to the environment, have large anisotropy in tensile strength of the toilet compartment, are subject to deformation, have large creep properties, and are intolerant of long-term loads. PA is an abbreviation for Polyamide in English. It is an important engineering plastic and its production ranks first in the five general engineering plastics. Compared with general plastics, it has the advantages of wear resistance, toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and no toxicity. It has high tensile strength and impact strength at room temperature, and it has a wide range of operating temperatures, generally up to -40°C to -100°C. Therefore, from the perspective of the material properties, the sanitary partition parts made of nylon material are obviously better than the PP material accessories in terms of sturdiness and durability.

Under the circumstance that the impact of temperature change is not significant, even if the project construction uses PP material accessories, but also to select good quality sanitary partition material accessories, first, select the regular product, when buying the partition door must see clearly marked Product certification and so on. Second, the partition door color pattern should be consistent with the Bathroom Decoration Style, for example, many consumers like the appearance of a translucent translucent door, its own decorative, giving people a beautiful enjoyment; but there are some more traditional type, Choose opaque toilet partitions.

Toilet Partition System

The bathroom's load-bearing wall can't move, so can the light-weight wall be able to start casually? In order to change the interior layout, it is generally permitted to dismantle and change the light wall, but it is required to report to the property in advance. Because of the possibility of buried water and electricity pipelines in the light body wall, blindly dismantling and damage are very serious.

The material of the light wall is loose, and the wall of the toilet partition is easy to crack, especially after being demolished. Therefore, in order to minimize the chance of occurrence, it is best to carry out the lacing treatment when constructing the light wall: Infiltrating steel bars 8 to 10 cm on both sides of the original wall, and then building a lighter wall can improve the reinforcement and reduce the sedimentation coefficient. In addition, the wall cement mortar has a high fullness and can also prevent cracking. It is also effective to fill styrofoam in the gap between the new wall and the original wall.

Some owners will cut or make lattices on light walls to place crafts. Will moving partitions increase the risk of cracking in light walls? Hu Zengguang believes that this need not worry too much. In this case, the openings will generally not exceed 30 cm, as long as the thickness of the light body of the wall is 8-10 cm. There is no inevitable relationship between design and cracking, but attention should be paid not only to the destruction of the wall during operation, but also to the cracking of the wall as soon as it is cut. Before the operation, there is an estimate of the overall condition of the wall. In addition, before the Toilet Partition Wall to do the pillow belt, that is, brick or concrete pouring, etc. to make a 100mm height and wall thickness of the ground base, and then do the partition wall, which can play a role in moisture-proof , Reinforce the role of new walls, otherwise it is easy to mold the wall.

Toilet Partition Door Selection:

First, choose a regular product. When buying a partition door, be sure to see if it is marked with a product certificate.

Second, the partition door color pattern should be consistent with the Bathroom Decoration style, for example, many consumers like the appearance of a translucent translucent door, its own decorative, giving people a beautiful enjoyment; but there are some more traditional type, Choose opaque fabric partitions so that others can use the bathroom while bathing.

Third, identify the materials, most of the doors are tempered glass, and the quality of toughened glass is quite different. A good tempered glass looks carefully at the faint patterns. The skeleton of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy and the surface is used for spray treatment. It is not rot or stainless. The thickness of the main skeleton aluminum alloy is preferably 1.1mm or more, so that the door is not easily deformed. At the same time pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the door is convenient and lightweight, and whether the frame assembly uses stainless steel screws.

Health break door precautions:

First, the installation of the floor drain, bathroom water flow is relatively large, it is easy to water, such as bathing, and some families have washing machine water, only the installation of a floor drain, in order to ensure the normal discharge of water.

Second, avoid installation of gutter-shaped glideslope, which is easy to collect water and dirt in the bathroom setting, and is difficult to clean up due to space and other reasons.


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