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The Superiority And Importance Of Compact Laminate Board In Lockers

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Brikley Phenolic Lockers are compared to wooden lockers in terms of color. Brikley panels are more than wood, because Brikley not only has the wood grain, but also has plain, stone, grain, and profiled finishes.

Phenolic Lockers

The wardrobe made of the wood material is generally used in the private space of the mansion, which has a little limitation. The Brikley HPL Locker is not only used in private space but also used in large hospitals, swimming pools, fitness centers, sauna leisure centers. In public places, there are many styles (1-5 door type, Z door type, etc.), and space is small enough to put in items that people bring with them. In public places, the confidentiality must be strong, and Brikley's sheet is stable, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, making it easy to open and freeing individual items.

Lockers made of wood materials will become damp and mild with the weather, so many times people will put mothballs when they use them, causing the cabinet to have an unusual smell. The Brikley phenolic locker is not easy to germinate due to its resistance to moisture, mildew, rust and odor.

HPL Lockers

Compared to iron lockers, Brikley Compact Laminate Lockers have a clear advantage in terms of fire resistance and impact resistance. However, when the iron locker is compared with the hpl board material, its advantages are obviously insufficient. Because the compact laminate board not only has good performance in fireproof and impact resistance but also has excellent performance in moistureproof and waterproof.


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