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The application of compact laminate panel is quite extensive

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As is known to all, compact laminate panel has excellent stability, durability, water resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, the compact laminate board has a wide range of applications. If we want to buy the appropriate HPL panel, how should we choose? Just look at its classification and you will know!

Can be roughly divided into the following 3 types:

1. Indoor

Because of its anti-abrasive, fire-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties, it is widely used in counters and interior walls of banks and airports, washrooms and sanitary compartments in public places, windproof walls, and benches on station platforms. School tables and chairs, canteen tables and cabinet hangers.

Indoor Wall Cladding

2. Outdoor

HPL Board has three series of monochrome, natural color and metallic color, bright color, beautiful and long-lasting, mostly used in public facilities and other external walls and balconies, as well as in and out of various facilities.

3. For Lab

Because of its outstanding resistance, the phenolic hpl board is suitable for facilities such as physics laboratories, chemical laboratories, biochemical laboratories, and clinical practice rooms, as well as workbenches of research institutes and communication rooms.

In addition to the above main uses, the compact laminate board has the characteristics of high function and high idea, and can also be used in many other fields and facilities, thus bringing unlimited rich ideas.

HPL Tables

The application range of HPL board is extremely wide. HPL can be used for dining tables, desks, door fans, and even sinks, reception counters, storage cabinets, ceilings, desks, and office compartments! Buy the high-quality HPL panels, choose Changzhou Jiashida Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.


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