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Things to consider when purchasing HPL Sheet for Furniture with Cold-pressed Veneer

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HPL with Cold-pressed VeneerThe term furniture refers to movable items that make our life comfortable by supporting several activities. Such activities include sitting where we use chairs and sofas, sleeping where beds come in handy, office cabinets for filing, wardrobes for keeping our clothes and some furniture are used for decorations. Furniture is also used in various religions as a symbolic tool. Many decades ago, people made furniture from bones, stone carvings, and tree stumps as well. Nowadays, furniture is made of metal, metal alloys, wood, and plastic. Furniture has become part and parcel of our lives, and we cannot ignore it when it comes to designing our homes.

Materials Of Furniture

  • Solid Wood - This is lumber wood that has no hollows, unlike plywood, which is a laminate of various wood types. Solid wood is durable, and repairs are easy than with engineered wood. Furniture makers should be aware that that solid wood is prone to stains, but the good thing is that it does not warp easily like plywood.

  • Solid Wood- Chipboards are made of wood products like shavings, sawdust, wood chips. They are popular because they are low priced. Furniture made of particleboards can be laminated using veneer to make them more attractive and durable. Chipboard furniture is also easy to transport due to its lightweight compared to plywood and solid wood.

  • MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard has become so popular in the market nowadays because it is cheaper compared to solid wood. It has several similarities with wood though less durable compared to the latter. MDF is made of wood fibers that are glued together and compressed under heat to create a strong bond. A veneer sealant is usually used to protect MDF from being damaged by water. Medium-density fiberboard has several advantages like, it is easy to paint; it is very smooth and straightforward to cut.

  • Plywood - This is a human-made wood that was first used during the second world war for making boats and military crafts. Layers of laminate are glued together at right angles to each other. They are used in construction for partitioning walls as well as other furniture items.

  • HPL/Compact Laminate - high-pressure laminate abbreviated as HPL is made by impregnating Kraft paper sheets with a substance known as phenolic resin under high temperatures. HPL is popular because it does not require any maintenance, You can apply a variety of colors for decoration, and it is resistant to weathering and scratches.

Furniture Panels with Cold Pressed Veneer

Cold-pressed Veneer Machine

  • Cold Press HPL - Cold press works on high pressure, unlike hot press that works on a combination of heat and temperature. This method is an alternative to contact cement.

  • Cold Press MDF - MDF produces and flat and consistent panel. It also provides perfect edges when compressed from both soft and hardwood.

  • Cold Press Plywood - The laminates are tightly bonded, making them suitable for various furniture materials with the veneer.

  • Cold Press Particleboard made of small softwood as well as hardwood chips that are mixed with adhesive and pressed to a perfect thickness. It is a substrate for HPL.

  • Cold Press Solid woods - Makes surfaces smoother and free of stains. It also makes the wood more durable.

Styles OF Furniture

There are various styles of furniture as listed below:

  • Traditional Style - Traditional style symbolizes elegance and simplicity as well. It is regarded as a European style. Fabrics used range from velvet, silk, and linen.

  • Modern Style -  It is a twentieth-century model which can also be defined by simplicity using such fabrics like vinyl and Leather. Standard colors are black and gray, while furniture materials range from glass, wood, and steel.

  • Transitional Style - this bear a combination of both modern and traditional styles and is popular with current interior designers.

Features Of HPL Furniture

  • HPL is available in various colors and is mostly used for decoration

  • Another feature of HPL is that they are durable

  • HPL is not easy to ignite and slow the spread of fire in case they catch fire

  • Their smooth surfaces make them very easy to clean unlike solid wood

  • HPL furniture is comfortable to process with machines, and they are compatible with various adhesives

Cold Press Machine

Applications Of HPL Furniture

  • They are used to make tables in organizations like schools, colleges, and offices.

  • HPL tables are used in catering industries and bars as well.

  • They are used for kitchen and other amenities worktops.

  • Most doors also make use of HPL furniture sheets.

Maintenance Of HPL Furniture

  • Surfaces need to be wiped on a regular basis with warm water

  • It is recommended to use an agent that dissolves fat when cleaning HPL

  • When removing stains use items that will not scratch the surface

  • You can also refer to the manufactures manual on more cleaning and maintenance ideas

Factors To Consider When Buying Furniture

  • Cost/budget - You should purchase only what your budget can accommodate. That does not mean you buy lousy quality furniture because they are cheap and, at the same time, do not stick in debts trying to buy what you cannot afford.

  • Comfort/Ergonomics - Buy furniture that gives you comfort in exchange for your money. If you are buying seats and sofas, consider those that do not strain your back.

  • Size - The size of the furniture, as well as the size of your house, matters a lot. Only purchase furniture that can fit the available space in your home, otherwise you will be forced to squeeze them or expand your house, which might be an additional cost.

  • Material - The material that makes the furniture is another thing you need to consider. Such materials include plastic, metal, compact laminate and wood. Wood is much convenient because it is easy to clean and durable with little or no maintenance.

  • Purpose - Know why you need to buy furniture. You may want to do a replacement, and On the other hand, you may want to add more furniture house.

  • Color - The The color of your furniture should be compatible with other house items like the floor, ceiling, and walls.


HPL PanelPurchasing your home, office, school, or church furniture can be a significant hurdle if you do not have the right information at hand. The following ideas will help every buyer to know the right furniture for their needs. The ideas will also help you stick to your budget.


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