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What Is The Difference Between Compact Laminate Panel And Ordinary Fireproof Board?

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What is the difference between a curved panel (PF Panel) and ordinary fireproof boards? Why is it different?

The Compact Laminate Board (PF board) is the same as the ordinary fireproof board in appearance. The biggest difference is that the ordinary board can't be bent. The characteristics of the bent board are under proper heating, and it can be bent under pressure to form a circular arc. Radius is short for R, which is the bending radius. This is not the same as the ordinary board. The compact laminate board is different from the ordinary board in the manufacturing process. In addition to the difference in raw materials and formulations, the main process is during the hot pressing of the production. The temperature and time of the hot pressing are lower than that of the ordinary board, which is commonly referred to as "Curing". When cooked, the resin in the PF board will be softened after bending, and the resin will be bent and thermoset after heating. Because of the different manufacturing processes, its physical properties are slightly different. Basically, the lower the Curing degree (more uncooked), the better the cold temperature of the PF board, but the physical properties will be reduced.

Compact Laminate Panels

Are bending panels time-sensitive?

Theoretically, curved panels are time-efficient, meaning that after the curved HPL Panels are stored for a period of time, the bendability will be different from the original performance. However, it is not absolute. In addition, the environmental impact of the storage site is the greatest. If the bent board is stored in a high-temperature place, its bending may deteriorate quickly.

Can bending panels be processed manually?

If sufficient heat and pressure are applied, the manual operation should be bendable, but the quality of the finished product is required, and whether the manual can meet the requirements is quite questionable. Generally High Pressure Laminates panels have special machines for bending and forming. Regardless of the merits of the machine, heating and pressurization are necessary conditions.


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