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Why Most Hospitals Choose HPL Wall Cladding

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Hospitals are the most important place where professionals take care of the people who are trying to cope up with various diseases. But the care and protectiveness should not only be inside but should be guaranteed outside too. Throughout the ages, science, and technology have gradually developed and have provided solutions to each and every problem. One such of their remarkable accomplishments is HPL wall cladding that gives a proper solution to save the wall from many distortions and is really helping to shape the appearance of hospitals and other buildings.

What is HPL Wall Cladding?

HPL stands for High-Pressure Compact Laminate that is produced by a series of cellulose layered fibers that is multiplied with phenolic resins and are exposed to a constant high-pressure process that involves elements such as pressure and heat. This process later develops into the emergence of a material that possesses both proportional amounts of aesthetics and strength.

Hospital Wall Cladding

Features of HPL Wall Panel

Each and every material comes with an unique set of features that every customer or buyer looks forward to. Similarly, HPL Wall Cladding also boosts some prime features such as:

  • Impact Resistance - The quality of any material is tested when it is put under an external force. One of the key features of the HPL Wall Cladding is that it resists deformations against any kind of external force.

  • Frictional Resistance - Another aspiring quality of HPL is that it does not cause any deformation even when rubbed with other materials.

  • Durability - HPL wall cladding is generally produced by high pressure that's why they are able to survive wear and tear and external damages.

Types of Wall Cladding

There are multiple types of wall cladding that are available all around the world. Some of them include:

Stone Cladding

These are nature-oriented cladding that is generally put over the concrete surfaces.

Vinyl Cladding

These are plastic oriented weatherproofing cladding that is basically used in small apartments.

Aluminum Cladding

Basically on the costlier side but is a good investment for long-life stability.

Wooden Cladding

Top-quality wall cladding that is preferred for most of the building for it's a smooth finish and world-class appearance.

Brick Cladding

High-quality cladding that is renowned for its premium class and style.

Fibre Cement Cladding

Best cladding material that has a minimum maintenance effort but still provides smooth and highly decorative surfaces.

Stainless Steel Cladding

The best solution for your walls against environmental agents would be stainless steel cladding that has high durability against these.

Pros and Cons of HPL Panels

HPL Panels are also subjected to merits and demerits.


  • Highly used in many places such as laboratories, industries for its top-class durability, and ability to overcome harsh applications.

  • Highly affordable and beneficial for long term investment.

  • It is highly versatile in nature and provides multiple choices of designs.


  • One of the biggest demerits of HPL panels is they are not fungal resistant and also fail if there is the presence of water or an increase in moisture content.

Why most hospitals choose HPL Wall Claddings?

All the attributes of HPL Wall Cladding such as its resistance to many elements, durability, cost, and decorative utility makes it a prime and demandable material to safeguard their walls both in interior and exterior. Generally, in the hospital, there is a hustle and bustle of many people such as the patient, doctors, and hospital staff as a result of which hospital Wall Claddings are planted in the sterilized regions. They also resist the harsh chemicals that tend to destroy the beauty of the walls in the hospital laboratories. It is also easy to clean and maintains a beautiful decorum in hospitals which creates a great ambiance.

Other applications of HPL Boards on Hospitals

The phenolic HPL boards are used for both long time and short time applications as it is highly durable and flexible and gives buildings a very stylish and fascinating makeover.


At the end, the only thing that can be summed up is that hospitals are highly tempted to use hospital Wall panels for its versatile usage and moreover to create an atmosphere where everything is kept neat and tidy so create positivity in many patient’s minds who are suffering from various diseases.


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