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Why Should We Choose Phenolic Resin Compact Laminate Boards?

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In the recent period of time, the application scope of special compact laminate board is very wide, more and more users will choose compact boards as decoration material. Why do so many users choose to resist special board? Let Brikley tell you about it.

First, the intensity of the HPL board is high: In the home partition, especially in the partition decoration of the bathroom, the strength of the high pressure laminate panel is very important. Because we use the frequency in the home is very high, a long time will cause greater wear, if the strength is not enough will cause the partition material is damaged.

Second, laminated board has a very good waterproof, anti-corrosion properties: As the bathroom is often the need to use the water, and therefore the entire space is relatively humid, if the partition material used waterproof performance is not good, it will cause very Due to its large impact, the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion properties of the Phenolic Resin Boards have a very important effect on the toilet partition.

Third, the phenolic compact board's performance is good: in addition to waterproof, the anti-multi board also has the function of fire prevention, in life, the threat of fire to us is very large, so anti-multi board fire performance is particularly Important.

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