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Compact Laminate Tables are Great for Commercial Restaurants

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More and more restaurants and corporate office cafeterias choose to purchase compact laminate tables (or called HPL tables) for their company's dining space. Why are these phenolic laminate tables a common choice in commercial places? Some reasons you may interest in below.

HPL Table Top

Laminate Table Top are easy to Clean & Maintain

One of the first reasons people choose the high-quality phenolic resin laminate tables is that they are easy to maintain. A simple wipe can keep the surface of the HPL table top clean. This is why compact laminate panels are so preferred by commercial institute. Affordable Laminate tables are also the first choice for office cafeterias. For a restaurant with such a large number of customers, spending too much time cleaning the table will bring a bad experience to customers. In this case, using a compact laminate table can help you save a lot of time.

The Compact Laminate Table Tops are Durable

In most restaurants, kitchens and cafeterias want to ensure that they do not need to change tables and seats frequently. The owner wants to use the dining room furniture as long as possible. I have to say the compact laminate table is very durable. Compact material and smooth surface make them easy to clean. Ensure that they maintain a good look with the least amount of work. Surface treatment makes it difficult for water and soap to penetrate the surface, which will cause continuous damage.

Compact Laminate Tables

The Unique Design for Your Dining Space

High-end compact laminate table tops are available in various types, colors and sizes. Provide charming tones and textures, you can choose the right laminate material, make your dining space amazing. You can get any size you like, which means you can use a specific number and size of laminate to match your design. HPL tables are also easy to combine with other materials such as granite or other styles such as bar stools, chairs and stalls.

Laminate Tables are Budget Friendly

Compact laminate tables are not only cheap, but will be one of the most economical options you will find. A business owner can choose several granite tables, which can become the focal point of a restaurant, and then match the granite to complete the laminate table designed to complete the layout of the restaurant. This is a more affordable option than buying all granite tables.

The compact laminate table provides a variety of positive factors when applying for commercial dining spaces. Consider your strengths, ask yourself, and determine if it is correct to use HPL tables in your facility.


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