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How to choose Phenolic HPL Table Tops from the right manufacturer?

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Phenolic Table Tops

The High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a material that lasts for long, aesthetically impressive, and has multiple properties that make it outstanding. HPL materials have other features, including being fireproof, scratch resistance, and chemical retardant. The HPL table tops comprise of phenolic resin-impregnated sheets that are compressed and held together by a strong adhesive.

There are multiple HPL table tops in the market. While shopping around for an HPL table top, it’s advisable to equip yourself with the right information to assist you make a wise choice. Keep reading to understand the factors that you should consider before purchasing an HPL table top.

How to choose the right HPL table tops

Before buying an HPL table top, pay attention to the following aspects:

Where to use the tables

Phenolic HPL Table TopHPL table tables can be used in different places for both outdoor and indoor purposes. When choosing an outdoor kind of HPL table, ensure that it has multiple properties. For instance, phenolic table tops for interior spaces should be durable, fire retardant, and have both antistatic and antibacterial qualities. The indoor type HPL table tops are use in various premises like halls of banks and public indoor spaces.

The outdoor table tops are made from various materials such as monochrome. They feature a variety of elegant colours. These kinds of tables are durable and can last for a long time and are applied in various places such as public facilities.

The HPL table tops are suitable for several types of laboratories because they are resistant to multiple chemicals. They can be used in biochemical, physical and chemical laboratories.

The styles of HPL Table Tops

Fashion is an essential feature that you need to put into consideration before choosing a table top manufacturer. It’s critical to determine the style that meets your expectations in accordance to what you want to use the HPL table tops for. In case you want a personalized style, look for a table top manufacturer who provides a customized service.

Manufacturers of HPL table tops have various techniques such as multi-layered, PVC Thick Edgeband, and others. You should ensure that you select a style that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements.

The way the table top surface is also finished matters. Before you choose one, consider various finishing surfaces such as grain, glossy, and others.

An excellent HPL table tops manufacturer should display all the styles it uses to on the website to enable the client to choose the right one.

Phenolic HPL table tops feature multiple colors. You need to choose one that complements your outdoor or indoor themes.

Superior brands in the market

Phenolic Resin Table TopThe HPL table tops industry has numerous brands. However, the brands that have a significant share of the market in the US and other parts of the world include Brikley, Wilsonart, Ponalam, Kronospan, Omnova Solutions, EGGER and Mannington Mills. Wilsonart LLC makes laminated that are applied in health care premises, educational institutions and residential spaces.

Mannington Mills LLC laminates surfaces business and residential applications. The firm can manufacture laminate products that meet specific clients' needs and expectations.

Omnova Solutions provides a variety of laminated products designed for corporate, residences, hotels, and health care institutions. The company is situated in the US but serves many clients at the global stage.

The Panolam company makes a variety of products which also include laminated items. The company’s products are designed for health care facilities, laboratories and other critical environments.

Critical standards to consider

Multiple standards exist to regulate the quality of products offered by the various companies. Before buying the HPL table tops, it's important to ensure that they meet the standards set by specific industry regulators in your country. Most of the regulators approve materials that are fire resistant, anti-fungal and antibacterial.


Choosing phenolic table tops can be a daunting task. This article provides useful tips on how to choose the best manufacturer who offers the best quality HPL table top products. The article has explored multiple aspects including:

  • How to choose the best style that fits your needs

  • Where you can use the HPL table tops

  • Famous brands in the market

  • Quality and standard considerations


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