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How to choose the Best Outdoor Table Top?

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How to choose the best Outdoor Table Top?

It is a dream of every individual to develop a unique and beautiful outdoor space in their homes or commercial places such as restaurants and resorts. There are several ways you can apply to enhance the outdoor appearance such as landscaping, establishing visual elements among others. However, landscaping is not enough to improve your outdoor space therefore; you need to furnish your yard with modern and attractive furniture. The Outdoor Table Top is one of the best and popular furniture across the world that you can purchase and install in your backyard to make it unique and eye-catching.

Outdoor Table Tops

The outdoor tabletop is a special table that is placed in outdoor garden areas. With the outdoor table top, you will be able to carry out various outdoor activities such as birthday parties, a family meeting, or a baby shower. Therefore, you will share fun moments with your loved ones as you share a glass of wine.

Types of Outdoor Table Tops

There are many types of outdoor table tops available in the market across the globe and they are designed in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Hence, you get an opportunity to select an outdoor tabletop of your choice. Here are the main types of Outdoor table tops:

1. HPL Table Top

HPL table top is also known as a high-pressure laminate tabletop. This table is one of the best outdoor tabletops because it is made of durable materials that are resistant to all weather conditions. Also, it has little permeability hence; it cannot absorb water or moisture from the environment therefore it lasts for decades.

2. Wood Table Top

These types of outdoor table tops are made from different types of hardwood trees such as teak, black locust, bald cypress, and California redwood. These woods are durable because they have the natural ability to resist rotting and pest attacks. These outdoor table tops require minimum maintenance because no chemical treatment is needed to protect them from decaying. It is easy to create an exceptional look at the wood tabletop by painting and designing them in a unique shape.

3. Metal Table Top

These tabletops are made of stainless steel. The metal table tops are durable because they are resistant to weather conditions. Also, they are easy to maintain since no painting requires you only have to wipe or wash it with clean water and a piece of cloth.

4. Plastic Table Top

Plastic tabletops are essential because they are lighter as compared to wood or metal table tops hence, it is easy to move them from one place to another. These table tops come at a pocket-friendly cost hence any person can afford to buy them within the available budget. Plastic table tops are resistant to moisture and therefore they can last for long.

Phenolic HPL Table Top

Features of HPL Table Tops

The HPL tabletop is one of the best and popular outdoor tabletops in the world this is because it is designed with unique features. Here are the top features of the HPL table tops:

1. Decorative coating

The HPL table top is made of decorative coating on both surfaces some of the materials used to add these decorative coating are coated tiles, resin among others. These decorative coatings help to enhance a shiny and beautiful appearance of the tabletop.

2. Resistant to pressure and scratch

The HPL outdoor tabletop has a tile lamination coating and this coating can resist any marks and scratch hence the table maintains its shiny appearance for long.

3. Resistance to moisture

For any outdoor table top to last for decades it must have the ability to resist rainwater or any other moisture present in the environment. Therefore, the HPL outdoor tabletop has a water resistance coating therefore it does not absorb water despite weather changes.

The Application of HPL Table Top

This type of outdoor tabletop is widely used to furnish outdoor yards in places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, residential areas, and lodges among other places. Apart from outdoor uses the HPL table top is installed in offices, schools, catering institutions, and commercial premises and these table tops are resistant to fire.

Things to consider before buying an HPL Table Top

Here are the main things you should consider before you buy an HPL table top:

The Design of the HPL Table Top

You need to be certain about the style and the design of the tabletop you want to install in your place. Ensure you choose an HPL tabletop that has a design that will satisfy your expectation and counterpart your outdoor look.

2. The Cost of the HPL Table Top

These tabletops are designed in different sizes and styles and the prices vary from one table to the other therefore select a table that will fit your budget.

In conclusion, it is important to research and consult from an expert about the beast and suitable outdoor tabletop that will complement your yard perfectly.


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