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Solid Phenolic HPL Table Tops For Restaurant

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Elegant and modern, our High Pressure Laminated Table Tops are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These beautiful table tops are high-quality and functional.

This modern table top can withstand outdoor elements and stand out from the standard tops.

Restaurant Table Tops

Our Compact Laminate Restaurant Table Top is a fast ship project and has many popular colors.

You may ask what is a high-pressure laminate or HPL? High Pressure Laminates are laminates that use adhesives at a temperature of 335-375 degrees Fahrenheit to withstand pressure of 70 to 100 bar or 1,000 to 1,500psi. This laminate is an ideal choice for hotels, medical offices and other regions.

Phenolic Table Tops

To add to these advantages, the Solid Phenolic Restaurant Table Tops are seamlessly applied to the entire edge of the table using commercially constructed aluminum alloy edges to provide additional support against bumps and utensils as well as a unique look and style.

Great choice of restaurant, family, office, medical facilities, school, gym, etc.


Brikley is a professional manufacturer of compact laminate, phenolic resin board and HPL. We provide toilet partitions, HPL locker, wall panel, table top and phenolic resin countertop.
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